Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is back with a MAC

I love my MAC Book PRO!  After putting up with an 8 year old desk top and 6 year old laptop - it was time to move on from HP and take  it to the next level with MAC.  Much more productive.... although, the first night I had the MAC I could not figure out how to do many things.... like turn off the voice that says everything I keyed!  Or even how to minimize a window, or better yet - how exactly do I turn off this awesome computer?  I remember the humiliation when my husband asked his dorky World of Warcraft friends if any of them knew how to minimize a window on a MAC..... chances are if they are playing that game they are on a PC and don't need a computer  to help run a business - BUT we can save that rant for a different post.  Four months later and I can not imagine life without my Mac!  I even bought a really pretty bag to carry Mac in - to take him everywhere (thanks Vera Bradley!)  Now that my work productivity has increased due to this amazing computing machine - I have decided to branch out into the blogging world - as I had started to this time last year but stopped because it would crash my other two archaic models when I tried to up date or add a post.  I also return to the blogging world with a mission - to utilize this blog as a local resource for moms both new and experienced.  Please stop by to see new design and content soon!

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